I know mobileread is a great resource and forum for all things ereader, and ther are several free epub catalogues / distributors on the web, but is there a single place that lists them all?

I recently bought the Sony reader touch - thanks for everyones' advice and input on that btw - and I have come to the conclusion that epub books display the best on it and it also seems to be becoming the defacto format for e-books., (at least until the reading devices default to an affordable A4 form factor, then I'm guessing that pdf will become the norm.)

So if there were an epub wiki would you use it or contribute to it? I don't want to build one if one already exists, but I think that wikia.com would be a good (and open and more importantly FREE) place to house one.

When I say epub wiki I mean place that
a) Describes what an epub file actually *is*
b) has tutorials on how to get your file format of choice into epub format
c) has links to free epub files with a brief description of item linked to.

I just want a single repository which allows you to find epubs  and epub information easily!
(Wikia won't allow hosing of the files directly and that way lies a can of worms anyway).

I should mention that I'm only talking about legal and open source or creative commons  and / or copyright-free works here, not pirated materials.

So what do yo think of the idea?

Does it not already exist because no one would use it / contribute to it or just because it's a bad idea ?

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