I've got a book ready to upload to Smashwords, and because its formatting is complicated, I've created an EPUB file with Calibre to upload in addition to the Word file. When I upload the EPUB, I get a warning:

File 'META-INF/calibre_bookmarks.txt' in EPUB not listed in manifest!
Your .epub file is missing one or more elements in its manifest. A complete manifest is required for distribution to Apple. Here's how Wikipedia (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/EPUB) defines "Manifest":"The manifest element lists all the files contained in the package. Each file is represented by an item element, and has the attributes id, href, media-type. All XHTML (content documents), stylesheets, images or other media, embedded fonts, and the NCX file should be listed here."

I've unzipped the EPUB file, and there's an XML file called content.opf which contains a "manifest" element. It looks as if I should add something there for calibre_bookmarks.txt, but the elements are interrelated, and it's not obvious just what I should do. calibre_bookmarks.txt just contains a regular expression, and maybe it isn't needed. Just deleting it from the Zip file would be easy. Has anyone dealt with this issue before? If I get a quick response, that could help me to decide. If not, I'll try deleting that file from the ZIP and uploading again to see what happens. My announced publication date is Thursday. I did the first upload today because I figured there would be glitches like this. Thanks for any help.

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