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Free ebook of short stories.

I've seen a couple of interesting free ebooks being linked, so I thought I'd relink here.


A Mosque Among The Stars was the first anthology that dealt with the subject of Muslim characters and/or Islamic themes and Science Fiction.


"Some of the Best From Tor.com 2012"is a feature of ten of their favorite original stories published on the site in the past year. All of these stories are now available as a single download in a free mini ebook.

“Dormanna” by Gene Wolfe
Illustration by John Jude Palencar

“Dormanna” is part of The Palencar Project, a five-story series curated by senior Tor Books editor David G. Hartwell. All five are based on a singular piece of art by John Jude Palencar and were released every Wednesday ths past March.

“Portrait of Lisane de Patagnia” by Rachel Swirsky
Illustration by Sam Weber

The line between art and magic is a treacherous thing.

“The Mongolian Wizard” by Michael Swanwick
Illustration by Greg Manchess

A story of a very unusual international conference in a fractured Europe that never was. This story launched a new fiction series at Tor.com of stand-alone stories all set in a common world created by Hugo and Nebula Award-winning author Michael Swanwick.

“A Tall Tail” by Charles Stross
Illustration by Greg Manchess

This year’s Tor.com birthday story, which began an annual Rocket Stories tradition for the site. The rockets in this story by Charles Stross are a little dark, and perhaps, a little too real.

“The Ghosts of Christmas” by Paul Cornell
Illustration by Scott Bakal

This year’s holiday story, provided by Paul Cornell, in which the reader is asked... which is harder: seeing your own future—or truly knowing your own past?

“The Finite Canvas” by Brit Mandelo
Illustration by Rick Berry

We are marked by what we have been. And erasing either of those can have unpredictable consequences...

“Am I Free to Go?” by Kathryn Cramer
Illustration by Scott Bakal

The line between utopia and dystopia...is, often, who you are. Or who your neighbors think you are.

“About Fairies” by Pat Murphy
Illustration by Christopher Silas Neal

Jennifer and her co-workers create fairy lands for a toy company, all the while cultivating their own personal fairy worlds....

“Our Human” by Adam-Troy Castro
Illustration by John Jude Palencar

On a savage backwater world, the last ragged survivors of an expedition to hunt down the infamous war criminal known as The Beast Magrison set off into an inhospitable wilderness in search of the alien village that may be sheltering this beast.

“Faster Gun” by Elizabeth Bear
Illustration by Richard Anderson

It’s hundreds of miles from the nearest ocean, and a hundred times too big to be a ship. It looks like nothing anyone ever saw. And it’s crashed just outside Tombstone with something alive inside.

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