All Romance is offering free ebooks through April 22nd 21st. There is a different one each day. You do have to create an account with them to get the books. I don't know if there are any geographical restrictions but they do seem to have a lot of countries for the country drop-down when you sign up. They don't validate your address or phone number though.

Today's book is Cecilia Tan's 1st book in her Magic University universe. Since I am always mentioning these books, I thought it appropriate that I drop a note here about it.

Does everybody know about this feed on Dreamwidth? [syndicated profile] booksontheknob_feed 

The author of the blog does post a lot but occasionally the posts are for books that look really interesting.  There is sometimes a very heavy emphasis on Kindle books but lately, B&N, Sony, Kobo and other booksellers are being included more and more.

Today, Rainbow Ebooks is offering 2 ebooks for free.  However, to get said ebooks, you have to pay by giving them all your personal information including birthdate, full address, and phone number. In my mind, that's not free. Making me join with an email and password I can understand but wtf do they need that other data for?

So, that rhetorical question led me to their privacy policy. They store my IP address as well.  Grrrr

I expect better from a queer company.  And people wonder why users prefer the darknet for getting free ebooks.

My husband got a Sony PRS-300 a couple of weeks ago, and when he showed it off to his friends (loaded with public domain mysteries and crime novels), he found out that some of them have no idea where to get ebooks other than Amazon. While I tend to think people at DW are more aware of internet resources & how to find them, that doesn't mean they've had time to go looking for sources of free ebooks.

Lists has lists of dozens of free ebook sites, both downloadable and read-online ebooks. is Teleread's list of free ebook resources.

Academic: free textbooks & other educational resources are listed at (A lot of these are PDFs and won't work well on small ebook readers.)

Specific ebook download sites )
but freeeeee ebooks. Legitimate and in many file formats ; enjoy.
Just thought I would pass this along.

Found this site when I was looking for "The Stepford Wives". Apparently they just give away the books with the expectation that you will delete them when you are done. Use it if you wish.
March 7-13 is Read an Ebook Week and there's a contest and free ebooks and whatnot at the site. (Click; read. Try not to think too much about the tiny white text on blue background; presumably, it looks professional or something. Firefox has Ctrl-plus to let the font get big enough to read; yay.)

I thought I'd list some free ebook sources so people can go find an ebook or a dozen to read.

Mobileread's Free Ebooks page has lists of dozens of free ebook sites, both downloadable and read-online ebooks. (Lots. Lots and lots and lots. Mygods, you can read Shakespeare in dozens of badly-formatted filetypes. While I dearly love Project Gutenberg, I get twitchy every time a new booksite opens with a feed from them.)

Links to free booksites & some recs inside )
I spend a lot of time at the MobileRead forums. Too much, probably.

Today, someone posted a link to Cory Doctorow's newest rant about free ebooks (I love his rants, but I still recognize propaganda when I see it), and in the comments, another author--John Sundman--pointed out that he'd given away his novels as free ebooks. For the first two, that boosted sales nicely, but although he's done it for the third, it hasn't worked; "free promo ebook" is no longer a novelty. (He posits that it's possible his third book just isn't as good as the first two, but he's not buying that. Neither am I. A quick glance at all three e-versions says they should hook the same kind of readers.)

Check out his site, Wetmachine. It's nifty. (Obscurity, not piracy, is the problem, right?)

So. That was background info. The real content of this post is inside, and deals with weird bits of copyright law. )
It's Harlequin's 60th anniversary this year, and to celebrate, they're giving away 17 free ebooks in a nice selection of formats: PDF, Mobi, MS Lit, ePub, and eReader. All without DRM, so you can read any of them on free-download software, or convert to other format of your choice. (Although I tagged this "temporary," I believe they're available all year.)

Our gift to you, it says. Advertising hype and commentary inside the cut. )
from the other day about what I look for in ebooks and new books....

Today I was on another site that I write short stories for. There was a discussion about Gor and the author of that series. I participated in the conversation since I've read some of those books. I made my thoughts known, and someone else mentioned "If you loved Gor you will Love David Weber!"

So what do I do, go to Baen's site to see what's up there. I see that he's got several books out, like 50 or something, and then I look on Wikipedia about the author and the series of books.

Next, I plug "David Weber" into IsoHunt and pulled up three different torrents that are sci-fi ebook torrents, and so I set them to download ONLY the stuff by David Weber, and I plan on reading the start of the various series. I figure between three different torrents that it should get all the books, and if not all of them, at least the most popular.

I'll read three or four books, determine if I like the series/author and then decide whether or not to keep the rest and to buy them in the future.

While waiting, I plan on going around and checking on the book series and the author.

That's how I find new series these days.


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