Smashwords is having its July Summer/Winter Sale, and thousands of books are available for free or discounted. (Another week! Stock up now!) I ran across one that looked interesting (Tribes, by Carmen Webster Buxton, which I'm buying after trying the sampleā€¦ if I'm engaged enough to care what happens next after four pages of real text, that's enough for me to spend $1.50 on a book), and decided to look at the rest of the sale.

I've looked at the freebies and 100%-off coupon-codes a while ago, and picked up some of those; now I was willing to look at the ones that weren't free. But where to start? Smashwords lists in publication order, which is useless for finding The Good Stuff. Aha! Maybe it's time to look at the "highest rated" sort option that I've never figured out!

I made an interesting discovery.

Since the interesting discovery includes multiple quotes and lists and such, it's going under a cut tag. )
I was looking through ebooks on Ellora's Cave and I decided to go through and find the ones that had reviews over 3.0 (there were some that were rated lower or someone rated but didn't review, so I didn't bother with them). The ebooks are sorted alphabetically by title and book length.

ETA: There's only 3 sections I went through under the cut. I plan to go through more categories on the website later.

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[community profile] sps, or Slushpile Sleuths, was created for ebook reviews after discussion at the Mobileread forums. (They also wanted a short URL so it was easy to remember & share around away from DW, hence the abbreviation.) It's intended to focus on indie and self-published ebooks, rather than the mainstream ones that get plenty of reviews for the print versions that (mostly) work for the ebook versions.

I expect a lot of reviews about Smashwords books, but Lulu and Feedbooks are also welcome, along with reviews for author releases at their own sites.

Indie ebook quality is hit and miss, and they're scattered on so many different sites that there's no nice simple software to show which ones are read and liked most. This needs people. I had grand thoughts of a template and tagging system and teams of readers coordinating their efforts... apparently, it's not gonna happen like that. At least not right away. I'm perfectly happy with "just throw your commentary about specific ebooks here," and we'll sort out reviewing options later.

So come join [community profile] sps, and either review the ebooks you've read, even if it's just a link and "I liked this! Hot!" or "Don't waste your time; the typo-monster ate this one," or read what other people have to say and maybe find some gems you would've overlooked.
The Unread Reader has a challenge for 2011: read at least twelve (12) legally obtained e-books which you got for FREE for your e-reading device. And review them. Entrants are put in a drawing for gift certificates, which I think is not as nifty as the idea of over 50 blogs posting reviews of free ebooks every month and linking them all in one place.

I'm going to sign up; this looks fun! (Also, I need *something* to get me started on ebook reviews.)


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