I posted it on my journal, but since I crossposted my earlier grumble, I may as well post it here. There are pictures:

Okay I've had the reader a few days now, and the cover with the light arrived on Friday. After fixing my initial bugs with the reader and my sd card life is fine. I took this photos on my camera and am way too lazy to resize them. Maybe I'll do it later. Okay, I couldn't stand them so large. They have been resized. If they still look huge, just click the reload button on your browser. So apologies in advance.

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([personal profile] babaca Oct. 5th, 2011 11:56 pm)
Apparently I am. I fixed my Reader problem.

1. I reset the reader to default settings

2. I copied all the files off the sd card to my computer desktop [here I noticed there were 2 Sony Reader folders; One called Sony Reader and the other Sony_Reader. They had the same files in it but the database setup in the database folders were different]

3. With the sd card in the reader, I went to Settings->Initializations->Format Memory->SD Card and let it reformat the card

4. After that finished I plugged the reader to my computer and saw in the sd drive that the folder is called Sony_Reader

5. I copied over the files to the Sony_Reader folder and only moved the database folder that was in the Sony_Reader folder on my computer desktop

6. Disconnected the reader from the computer and let it read what was on the sd card. This will take a while if you have a lot of books (I have about 200 titles). After a while you can look at your titles, it may take a while for the thumbnail images of the books to load but let it do its thing.

7. Read a book, press the home button and see... NO MORE CONTENT MANAGER ERRORS! NO MORE CRASHING! YES!

Ah I also notice the reader DOES has the software on it as a partitioned drive. I don't know why it didn't try to install on my computer, but I guess that's what I get for not reading the instructions?

I guess now I can try to enjoy my reader without having to send it back to Sony.

Yeah baby!

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