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Free romance ebooks at Wowio: PDFs

160 het-ish and 145 gay-ish romance ebooks free at Wowio.com. They require a login & don't allow some email addresses (when I signed up, a few years ago, they required a non-free email address, but I don't know if that's changed since they started selling books in addition to having freebies.)

Het(ish) books: http://www.wowio.com/sponsorpage.asp?AdId=84 (160 books) Some of these are public-domain works.

Gay(ish) books: http://www.wowio.com/sponsorpage.asp?AdId=85 (145 books) A small number of these are nonfiction.

Some are full-length novels; some are short stories. All are locked PDFs; they may not work well on some e-readers. (I always strip the locks & crop out the margins before I put them on a portable device.) Long lists under the cuts.

Advertised as "Romance" books

Adam Carpenter: How the West was Done: An Anthology; Wonderland
Alexandra Rowan: Smart Girls, Foolish Choices; Sweaty Sex: An Anthology of Sports…
Amber Austin: Tarotica; The Green Love Anthology
Angela Cameron: Blood and Sex Volume 03: Blane; Blood and Sex, Volume 01: Michael; Blood and Sex, Volume 02: Jonas; Night's Fall
Belinda Kroll: Catching the Rose: Second Edition; Haunting Miss Trentwood
Bethany Michaels: Nashville Heat; Nashville Naughty
Brit M.: Between Men; Teaching Him a Lesson; Three in Love; Two Men and a Lady
C. Margery Kempe: Chastity Flame
Cameo Brown: A Stranger's Desire; Pleasure 2035
Catherine Hiller: Cybill In Between
Cecilia Tan: Bites of Passion: An Anthology of…; Magic University Book Two: The Tower…; Mind Games; The Hot Streak; Wicked Pleasures: Stories of Kinky…; Women of the Bite: A Lesbian Vampire…
Chloe Stowe: Forever Bound
Courtney Sheets: Kona Warrior
Dahlia Schweitzer: I've Been a Naughty Girl
Debra Hyde: Blind Seduction; Training Desire
Drew Hunt: Colin and Martin's First Christmas; Surface Tension
Edgar Allan Poe: The Assignation
Elizabeth Miette: The Brotherhood: To Slay or to Lay
Elle Amery: Doris's Desire; Grace on Fire; Rekindled Fire: An Anthology of…; Saving Sophie; Tally's Gift
Em Brown: A Soldier's Seduction; All Wrapped up for Christmas; Conquering the Countess; Force My Hand; Mastering the Marchioness
EM Lynley: Bedknobs and Beanstalks: An Anthology…; Sex, Lies and Wedding Bells
Emily Bronte: Wuthering Heights
Gina McQueen: Opposite Sex
Gregory Norris: You've Got Male
Gwen Jones: The Lady's Choice
Hal Bodner: For Love of the Dead; In Flesh and Stone
Hayden Renier: Exposing Nicole
Inara Lavey: Champagne ; Ripping the Bodice
Isabel Roman: Kiss of Scandal; The Dark Desires of the Druids 01…; The Dark Desires of the Druids 02…; The Dark Desires of the Druids 03…; The Dark Desires of the Druids 04…
Jamaica Layne: A Capitol Affair; Experimental: An Anthology on Sex and…; Knight Moves; Power Plays: An Anthology; The Mercenary Bride; Vital Signs 01: I've Been a Naughty…; Vital Signs 02: Sex in a Southern City
Jane Austen: Emma; Mansfield Park ; Northanger Abbey; Persuasion; Pride and Prejudice; Sense and Sensibility
Jay Hughes: The Shunned
Jennie Brumley: Revenge and Redemption
Jesse Blair Kensington: Ambrosia: An Anthology of Sex and…; Appetite for Passion; The Priestess' Lover
Jo Atkinson: Hungry Heart; The Wolfpact 01: Endangered Love; Twilight's Edge: Act One; Twilight's Edge: Act Two
John Jockel: Marrakesh ; The Manthology Anthology
K.A. Maxwell: Spacer's Luck
Keta Diablo: Land of Falling Stars ; The Sin Eater's Prince
Lenny Hu (translator): The Embroidered Couch
Lexi Ryan: Flirting with Fate: A Stiletto Girls…; Stilettos, Inc.
Ling Mengchu and Lenny Hu (translator): In the Inner Quarters: Erotic Stories…
Lisa Lane : Lust in Space; The Darkness and the Night 02: Cosmic…; The Darkness and the Night 03: Twins…; The Darkness and the Night: Blood and…
Lori Perkins: Beach Boys: An Anthology of Erotic…; Hot Dads: The DILF Anthology; Hungry for your Love: An Anthology of…; I Saw Daddy Kissing Santa Claus: An…; Men in Shorts: An Erotic Anthology; Merry SeXmas: An Anthology; Sex and Shoes: An Anthology; Sex and Taxes: An Erotic Anthology; The 12 Hot Days of Christmas: An…; Tight Ends: An Erotic Gay Football…
Malia Sutton: Loving Daylight
Mira Paul: Love Me Tender: Romantic Tales of…
Monica Newcomb: Hot on Her Heels
Morgan James: Haunted Seduction; Man of the Shadows
Neve Black: Sex Through the Zodiac
Rachel Kenley: Destiny's Jewel; Fantastica: An Anthology of Erotic…; Passionate Heat; Spellbound: Erotic Fairy Tales; The Glass Stiletto
Rachel Kramer Bussel: Love Notes: A Music and Sex Anthology; The Lust Chronicles: An Anthology
Red Haircrow: Night Shift
Regina Perry: I Kissed a Girl: A Virgin Lesbian…; Playgirl
Renee Angers: Ice and a Curious Man
Rhonda Leigh Jones: The Maestro's Apprentice; The Maestro's Butterfly; The Maestro's Maker
Roxanne Dent: The American Heiress
Ryan Field: A Christmas Carl; American Star; American Star II; An Officer and His Gentleman; Dancing Dirty; He's Bewitched; Lasting Lust: An Anthology of Kinky…; Pretty Man; Sleepless in San Francisco; Take Me Always; The Ghost and Mr. Moore; The Way We Almost Were; Valley of the Dudes; When Harry Met Sal
Sandra Cormier: The Toast Bitches
Sephera Giron: Aquarius: Haunted Heart; Capricorn: Cursed; Pisces: Teacher's Pet; Sagittarius: Open Heart, Open Mind; The Sexstrology Anthology; Threesomes: An Anthology
Terry O'Reilly: Love You Forever
Tom Szollosi: Cold Angel; Dirty Hollywood
Tricia Tucker: Gold Diggers; Hip Hop Heat; The Big O
Trudy Doyle: Long, Hard, and Lethal; Making a Scene

Advertised as "Gay & Lesbian" books

A. Scott Boddie: Conversations with Swishy Pete Vol 1; Conversations with Swishy Pete Vol 2; Friends of Dorothy Monologues Act I
Angela Kelly: Unavailable
Anthony Bidulka: Amuse Bouche: A Russell Quant Mystery; Date with a Sheesha; Flight of Aquavit: A Russell Quant…; Stain of the Berry: A Russell Quant…; Tapas on the Ramblas: A Russell Quant…
Catherine Lake &: No Margins
Chloe Brushwood Rose &: And Baby Makes More: Known Donors…
Clair LaVaye: The House of Debauch: The Curious…
Clare London: Precious Possession; Threadbare
Drew Hunt: Afterlife Book 1: Waiting for Colton; Afterlife Book 2: Brett's New Game…; Calvin's Cowboy; Colin and Martin's First Christmas; Colin and Martin's London Christmas; Fireside Romance Book 1: First Flames; Rough Road to Happiness; Something About Trevor; Surface Tension; The Way to Will; Trapped Nerves; Trucker and Pup; Twelve Hours I; Twelve Hours II
J.M. Snyder: A Haunted Love; Beautiful Disaster; Beautiful Liar; Between Brothers; Between States; Between States Book 1: Under a…; Between States Book 2: Beneath a…; Between States Book 3: A More Perfect…; Car Trouble; Carey'd Away; Caught Off Base; Conflict of Interest; Cowboy; Crushed; Devil of a Night; Double Standard; Encore; Flashed!; His Song; Inked in Blood; It's All Relative; Matching Tats; Maybe; My Best Friend's Dad; Navigator's Log; No Apologies; On Company Time; Operation Starseed; Order Up; Outage; Playing the Field: Faceoff; Playing the Field: Play On; Playing the Field: Served!; Playing the Field: Tee'd Off; Pony Play; Power Play; Rockstar; Scarred; Secret Santa; Seventh Inning Stretch; Skaterboy; Stepping Up to the Plate; The Bonds of Love; The Positions of Love Book 01: The…; The Positions of Love Book 02: Two…; The Positions of Love Book 03…; The Positions of Love Book 04…; The Positions of Love Book 05: Two…; The Positions of Love Book 06: Cowboy…; The Positions of Love Book 07…; The Positions of Love Book 08: Pillar…; The Positions of Love Book 09: Tripod…; The Positions of Love Book 10: Lotus…; The Positions of Love Book 11: The…; The Positions of Love Book 12…; The Powers of Love: The First Vic and…; The Regent's Knight; The Tattooed Heart; This Christmas; To Love a God; Undertow; V: The V in Vulnerable; Vince; VR Palace; War Torn; While We Wait; Windows; With This Ring; World Enough and Time
j/j hastain: we in my Trans
Jane Rule: This Is Not For You
Jim Dunn: Very Private and Public Relations
Kate Emburg: A Susan Slutt Mystery: Susan Slutt…; Susan Slutt, Girl Shamus; Susan Slutt, Girl Sleuth
Kevin Alderson: Breaking Out; Same-Sex Marriage: The Personal and…
Kris Howard: Zen and Tonic
Liz Bugg: Red Rover
Michael G. Cornelius, Kate Emburg: A Susan Slutt Mystery: Peril Over the…; Susan Slutt, Girl Dick
Michael Willhoite: Starfucker; The Venetian Boy
Nairne Holtz: The Skin Beneath
Pam Harrison: A Deviant Mind 03 - Wolf in Sheep's…; A Deviant Mind 04 - Code Red; House of the Muses 01 - The Phokaian; House of the Muses 02 - The Quality…; House of the Muses 03 - Legacy of the…; House of the Muses 04 - Immortal…; House of the Muses 05 - House of Many…; House of the Muses 06 - Last Child of…; House of the Muses 08 - A Viper in…
R.M. Vaughan: A Quilted Heart
Red Haircrow: Night Shift
Richard Fazio: Dreaming Sparta; The Nexus
Sky Gilbert: Guilty; St. Stephen's
Stephen Harold Riggins: The Pleasures of Time
Steve Nugent: Attractions; Other Lands; Syncopation
Steven Kerry: My Strange Little Oasis Book 1: The…; My Strange Little Oasis Book 2…
Terry O'Reilly: Karl's Italian Adventure; Love You Forever; Will Turner's Luck
Timothy Archer, Gilbert Sky, and Sonja Mills: Desire High Heels Red Wine
UK Meet Acqusitions Team: British Flash
UK Meet Acqusitions Team: Tea and Crumpet
Vincent Diamond: Dangerous Days; Deep Trouble Undercover; Fire; Holding the Reins; Lions and Tigers and Snares

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