The Kobo Mini is on sale until July 18, for $40+shipping.
  • 5" touchscreen (smaller than most ereaders)
  • 1GB user-available storage
  • Available in black or white
  • 8 font styles with 24 font sizes
  • Pearl E-Ink screen (long battery life, B&W only)
  • Various cloud and internet features that I know nothing about
Technical specs

I've ordered one. I'll post a review when it shows up. This may be the ereader I've been waiting for. (Well, except for touchscreen, which I don't like, but for $40 I'm certainly willing to give it a try.)

ETA: Kobo apparently has problems with double-billing; I checked my purchase, which had an authorization error at first, and sure enough, I've been billed twice. I've sent an email to try to get it fixed; if that doesn't work, I can contact my bank to contest the charges. Just a warning for people whose money is tight--if you get an auth error, DO NOT attempt to repeat the purchase right away.
It's Read an E-Book Week March 3-9. Some authors are giving away free or discounted ebooks (mostly free), and several publishers also have deals.

The site also has links to news articles about ebooks, ebook meta, and promo banners.

Now's a great time to post links to free/bargain ebooks you know about, or promo-discounts, or just recs for ebooks you think more people should be reading.
Link - Free ebook: Photographs of Claudia by KG MacGregor (Download Formats: PDF, mobi, and epub.)

Apparently Bella Books, one of the bigger lesbian publishers out there, is giving away this book for free for a limited time.

Notes: Getting it was fairly hassle-less. You can sign in as guest and put anything you wanted in the customer form, and the "santa" code worked by making it free! :)
The first of these books was all kinds of very good (I haven't had the chance to read the second yet), so if you've heard of these and haven't had the chance to read them yet, this giveaway might be of interest to you. The files appear to be DRM-free.

"In celebration of the release of RAPTURE, the final book in the trilogy, Night Shade is giving away totally FREE ecopies of BOTH GOD’S WAR and INFIDEL.


Just send an email to Night Shade will shoot back an email to you with the info you need to download the files for GOD’S WAR and INFIDEL. Both Epub and Mobi files are available.

Free downloads are only available from November 1st to November 8th, 2012."

Here's the blurb for God's War:

Nyx had already been to hell. One prayer more or less wouldn't make any difference...

On a ravaged, contaminated world, a centuries-old holy war rages, fought by a bloody mix of mercenaries, magicians, and conscripted soldiers. Though the origins of the war are shady and complex, there's one thing everybody agrees on--

There's not a chance in hell of ending it.

Nyx is a former government assassin who makes a living cutting off heads for cash. But when a dubious deal between her government and an alien gene pirate goes bad, Nyx's ugly past makes her the top pick for a covert recovery. The head they want her to bring home could end the war--but at what price?

The world is about to find out.
edit - 12/29/2011: A commenter let me know that the promotion is over, so the price is back to regular price.

Via the author's journal, [personal profile] marthawells:

If you don't already have it, the Kindle US edition of The Cloud Roads is still currently free: here.

I haven't read the book myself, so here's a summary from Amazon :)

From Publishers Weekly
Starred Review. Moon's world is populated by many different intelligent species (none of them human), and he has never known which one he belongs to. Orphaned at a young age, he's wandered from tribe to tribe, hiding a dangerous secret. Like the universally hated Fell, whose only aims are slaughter and conquest, Moon can fly—which leads to predictably violent cases of mistaken identity. When he does find his own people, the Raksura, life doesn't get any easier, since their internal politics are vicious, and they too are in imminent danger from the Fell. Cue hairsbreadth escapes and feats of derring-do, as Moon helps his new family evacuate their doomed colony and then rescues a group of kidnapped children. Wells (The Gate of Gods) merrily ignores genre conventions as she spins an exciting adventure around an alien hero who anyone can identify with.
I know this barely counts as news around here, but Diane Duane's slashing prices on her ebooks again. For "absolutely no reason," she's running a 50%-off sale on every ebook in her online store, good October 10th only. Use the coupon code NOREASON to get the discount. Duane's ebooks are available in both mobi (Kindle) and EPUB (Nook, Kobo) formats, and her Young Wizards International Editions are DRM-free and unrevised for the new millennium.
Diane Duane needs a new chair, so she offers a 50% discount on sales at her own ebook store, valid only today.

Not that I'm at risk of running out of stuff to read, and I don't even know if I like her work, but I do like the way she deals with the thorny issues of international publishing and DRM, so I wanted to support that and ordered me some. And how could I go wrong with 9 Young Wizard books for less than 20 dollars, anyway?
160 het-ish and 145 gay-ish romance ebooks free at They require a login & don't allow some email addresses (when I signed up, a few years ago, they required a non-free email address, but I don't know if that's changed since they started selling books in addition to having freebies.)

Het(ish) books: (160 books) Some of these are public-domain works.

Gay(ish) books: (145 books) A small number of these are nonfiction.

Some are full-length novels; some are short stories. All are locked PDFs; they may not work well on some e-readers. (I always strip the locks & crop out the margins before I put them on a portable device.) Long lists under the cuts.

160-or-so 'Romance' books )

145-or-so Gay & Lesbian books )
Sale at Smashwords until July 31; hundreds of free ebooks, lots of discounted ebooks. (Use the tags at the top to filter for 100% off, 75% off, 50% off or 25% off.)

Hmm, I should download a cluster of the free short stories and post mini-reviews to [community profile] sps on the theory that I'm willing to read up to 5000 words of just about anything, and it'd be nice to find good unknown authors.

Anyone up for the idea of a read-and-review fest at some point, where a bunch of us download a given collection of free ebooks and post thoughts about them?
This weekend, Fictionwise is having a 60% off sale, with coupon code 070111. It's probably good through the 4th and might last a day or two longer than that. It doesn't work on Samhain Press books.

Possible ways to spend some money on ebooks:

Recommendations & suggestions (DRM-free only) )
jumpuphigh: Pigeon with text "jumpuphigh" (Default)
([personal profile] jumpuphigh Jun. 28th, 2011 07:29 am)
If you live in the US and are willing to purchase from the evil empire, Walmart currently has the Sony PRS-300 plus a case with a light for $99.98. I popped it in my cart to see how much shipping was.*

Site to Store Free
Regular $1.97
2-3 Day $11.94
1 Day $21.94

You can find it listed here.

*This will probably vary by location.

Fictionwise has a 60% off coupon good through tomorrow (and sometimes, the coupons last an extra day or two): spring60off

It doesn't work on Samhain books and not on any of the Agency 6 publishers (although I don't know if FW even still has any of those; I don't buy DRM so I don't keep track of what's available). I picked up 39 Darkover short stories that I didn't already have for under $15. It's a good time to poke around for short stories.

Also: The Sime~Gen series has recently been released as ebooks! (Cue much cheering.) They're available at Amazon for Kindle & Fictionwise in multiformat. The important bits:

Links & commentary )
Free ebook: Zendegi by Greg Egan until May 6; requires sending an email to and getting on Nightshade Books' email list (which you can stop anytime, but hey, they give away free scifi ebooks).
Cat Valente's The Girl Who Circumnavigated Fairyland in a Ship of Her Own Making is free for download through the weekend
If you're looking for an ereader and have been thinking about the Nook, today's item on is a refurbished e-ink 3G Nook for $99.99 +$5 shipping. It comes with a 1 year warranty and 90 days of free tech support.

Just spreading the Nook love. ;-)
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([personal profile] elf Apr. 4th, 2011 07:25 pm)
A grad student at U of Tennessee is conducting a survey about the viability of ebook tech for people in their 50's.

He named it Kindle Questionnaire, which I think is annoying, but I still encourage ebook readers in their 50's to go fill out the survey. I'll see if I can get my husband to go through it.
I've never ordered from Decal Girl but I really like their skins and so I am thinking about it. Right now, they are offering 5% off with 20% of your purchase going to Globalgiving's Japan Earthquake and Tsunami Relief Fund. They ship to 85 countries. The discount code is SKINS4JAPAN. I don't know when this offer is ending.

Has anybody here ordered from them? If so, do you like their product?
(Posted with permission.)

For a limited time only, Brushback, the first Evan Austin mystery, is now available to download for only 99¢! You can download it directly from the publisher's site,, or Barnes & Noble. Either way, it's a bargain—but it's only for a short time!

Also available for £0.70 on
Sony and Martha Stewart are having a sweepstakes and the prize is the Sony Pocket eReader.  Here is the link to enter the sweepstakes.

ETA: This is for US residents only. Thanks, [personal profile] elf , for the note.



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