Planet Baen is a planetary-management strategy game in which you win free ebooks every 5 levels and every ## allies you add. (1 ebook at the 10th alliance; another at the 25th; another... later. I don't think anyone's gotten more than that yet; they get expensive.) 20+ allies: 1st @ 20, 2nd @ 25, 3rd @ 29; 1 per 4 after that. (I got better info.)

It's in early beta. It's sometimes glitchy. Documentation is limited. There's a forum at the Baen Bar for discussion, and a thread at Mobileread where it's being discussed (and another with MR members who are playing).

Key point: Sign up with the same email address you use for Baen ebooks; the coupons aren't transferable.

Getting 1 or 2 ebooks is relatively easy; getting more takes time. Baen actively wants feedback and ideas, and is okay with people making multiple accounts to test different approaches. (Baen has never been stingy with their ebooks, so they don't mind if people wind up with a couple of extras, especially if that means the game is getting tested. However, signing up for 50 accounts, playing to level 5 on each of them, and abandoning them, would not be cool.)
It's been a while since I checked out what was new on the Baen ebooks site. I just went there and they have updated the site layout and the web address. It is no longer Instead, it is I was able to log into my account without any issues.
So, I read a blog called Get Rich Slowly which I generally enjoy.  However, today, he made a post entitled "Are E-Books Cost Effective? The Pros and Cons of E-Books".  It made me cranky because he wasn't reviewing the cost-effectiveness of ebooks.  He was reviewing the cost-effectiveness of Amazon's ebooks and using a Kindle.  He didn't look at any of the other ereaders out there nor did he examine how people might be getting their ebooks if they hadn't been buying them at Amazon's prices.  I have yet to spend a total of $20US on ebooks.  Of course, I've only had my ereader since October and I don't tend to read new books that show up on the NYT Bestsellers list but I expect that I will eventually spend more than $20 on ebooks.  However, that is going to take a while.  Baen has hooked me up.  Not only through their free library but they also give ebooks to disabled readers for free and I was approved for that program.  Plus, the number of books that I've read and loved that are now in the public domain is quite large. 

So, I've gone from "ereaders - meh" to writing long missives when someone tries to generalize the entire ebook experience based on Kindle. 

from the other day about what I look for in ebooks and new books....

Today I was on another site that I write short stories for. There was a discussion about Gor and the author of that series. I participated in the conversation since I've read some of those books. I made my thoughts known, and someone else mentioned "If you loved Gor you will Love David Weber!"

So what do I do, go to Baen's site to see what's up there. I see that he's got several books out, like 50 or something, and then I look on Wikipedia about the author and the series of books.

Next, I plug "David Weber" into IsoHunt and pulled up three different torrents that are sci-fi ebook torrents, and so I set them to download ONLY the stuff by David Weber, and I plan on reading the start of the various series. I figure between three different torrents that it should get all the books, and if not all of them, at least the most popular.

I'll read three or four books, determine if I like the series/author and then decide whether or not to keep the rest and to buy them in the future.

While waiting, I plan on going around and checking on the book series and the author.

That's how I find new series these days.


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