For those of us with Kobos, I've put together a guide on how to increase the storage space on 'em. It's mostly geared towards the Kobo Mini, but I'm told it's basically the same with all of them.

Tahdah! Link goes to my blog.

My method uses 100% free software: any cost comes from getting a new SD card. My total cost was £15, which included a new micro SD, a set of tiny screwdrivers and a micro SD converter.
Press release is here.
In partnership with the ABA, Kobo has developed a unique program designed for independent booksellers and their customers. Booksellers will be able to offer a total experience for their customers including a full line of eReaders, eReading accessories, and ebooks from Kobo’s catalog of nearly 3 million titles. ABA members will share in the revenue on every sale. The program includes valuable training, in-store merchandising, marketing, sales, and logistics solutions to help independents be successful. ABA members will also be able to offer ebooks directly to their customers online. Kobo expects to launch with the first 400 bookstores this fall.

As a Kobo owner and someone who avoids giving money to Amazon whenever possible, I am very, very pleased with this announcement.

I've owned a Kobo Touch for a day and a half. It's pretty great! I put fanfic on it, and a few things from Project Gutenberg. I'm trying to use Calibre to customize the cover pages for fanfic.
I tried using squee!Book and failed a few times.

But what I'm having issues with right now is the touch-screen.
When I was first reading, it took me a little while to figure out that I needed to tap in the lower-right corner of the screen to turn the page. Once I did, reading went fine!

Yesterday, I set the Kobo Touch inside my purse, and didn't touch it for a few hours. (I went to a football game; the Touch stayed inside.)

I tried using the e-reader last night; the single button on the bottom works, but I can't tap the screen to turn the page.

I powered it off/on again.

This morning, I tried to turn pages and it still didn't work.
I connected it to my laptop with the USB cord. I cannot fully "connect" it to my computer to manage files because to do so, I have to tap "Connect" on the Kobo screen.

Basically: The tap/touch feature seems to be not working, after a day of infrequent use.
Has this happened to anyone else?
I am not very good with technology, so there could be something easy I'm missing, and wanted to check in with others.

Does this sound like a case where I need to take it back to Best Buy and get it replaced, or something?
Just a note that if you happen to live in an area with a soon-to-be-closed Borders now would be a good time to buy a Kobo. My local (soon to no longer be local *sob*) Borders has theirs for 40% off. I managed to get my sister one for her birthday with a two year protection pack (includes screen protectors and case) for $85.


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