Does anyone have a link or a walkthrough on how to get Calibre to convert from an html file to an epub? Every time I try it keeps giving me only about two pages of it.
Has anyone used this feature to share their calibre library with people outside of their home network? I'd like to share my library with my brother in Texas and while I can see it just fine, he can't. I already have a no-ip account and I created a host name using my external IP address that I obtained here:

I'm not sure what it is I'm doing wrong. I've also forwarded the web server port on my router, only I'm not sure which IP address to use there either...I'd appreciate any and all advice or a link to a decent guide on how to set this up.
Howdy, y'all. I'm having a bit of a problem with my Kindle Fire... it displays all the fanfiction I've put on it as "Books"! This is very bad, because, well, as you may know, fanfiction isn't exactly something I'd want the average "Ooh, can I look at your Kindle" person to see when they start browsing through my books.

I had previously converted the fanfiction files (from .pdf to .mobi) through Calibre, and yes, the [PDOC] tag is still there... which is why I don't understand why the Kindle is filing them under "Books." Does anyone know how to fix this?
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([personal profile] sprat Nov. 11th, 2011 11:26 am)
Just in case you hadn't seen it: there's now an update available for Stanza that fixes iOS5 compatibility issues! I had never found a satsfactory replacement, so it was amazing to have the app back and working properly again.
Finally, I've come across a software for downloading large multichapter fanfics directly into ebook format from the archive sites holding most of my favorite fics:, and It supports a couple more sites, just check out if your favs are included.

Fanfiction Downloader (version 0.4.1) uses Calibre for creating the ebooks and is the first downloader I've come across that produces good epubs (pdf, mobi, lrf... Calibre be praised!). :-)

When you're a friend of fanfic epics, this might make reading them on your reader so much more comfortable.
and short stories in calibre? Do you merge all drabbles written by one author into one html, which is what I was thinking about, or keep them separate? Would you also merge all short stories into a sort of a Fanfiction Anthology for that particular author or fandom or whatever?

ETA I also need advice on how to title fics such as anon fills in kinkmemes, multiple fils of a single prompt, anon comment fics and what kind of regex to use in calibre's Preferences > Import/Export > Add books section in such cases, or would I need a different one for each occasion?

Right now I have

which handles those with titles such as Author - Series # - Title.ext well; how would you go about saving fills from, say, norsekink, if you didn't want to save each fill separately?
Pertaining to my previous post, does anyone have any experience with bulk renaming utilities? Which one would you recommend? 

And as for renaming the files, how would I go about renaming a file like 01 Title.html to Author - 01 - Title.html? 

Also, if you can offer advice on what naming conventions to use to prepare a file for importing to calibre, I'd be very grateful.
HI, I have a calibre conversion question fandom people might understand better than MobileRead forumers.

I had the fanfiction downloader program called Graffer installed on my comp. I was happy with it because it would download fics from multiple sources and produced clean html files. Unfortunately it's creator gave up on the program and it is no longer updated, and it has stopped working for several major archives.

My work on converting my fics via calibre is slow, ad I often want to chuck my comp out the window, that's how frustrated calibre makes me feel. I was expecting import and conversion to be fairly straightforward, but calibre kept messing up the authors. I finally loked at the html coding and discovered that Graffer added a line in the metadata section which calibre would read as author name, but was actually the name of the programmer: <meta name='author' content='Grzegorz Hordynski' />

I wet to MobileRead to see if I can find a way to change this line in the html file automatically through bulk convert, but couldn't figure out the instructions or the regexes. I've been having a back and forth conversation with a member who doesn't understand what I'm after, so does anyone here know how to set up calibre so that it changes the programmer's name into the correct author name for selected ebooks in the actual html file, not just in the metadata?
I need some advice on how to use Calibre to convert and manage my vast fanfiction library. I have tried using this program in the past, installing and uninstalling several times. I cannot stand the fact that it creates a copy of every file I add to it. I understand the reasons for it now though I didn't in the past, but just knowing that it leaves a mess of folders and subfolders and files on my computer drives me batty. It says it is "designed around the concept of the logical book, i.e., a single entry in your library that may correspond to actual e-book files in several formats", but I only keep multiple formats for fanfic, so that seems reduntant to me. I have tried to find answers on the Calibre forum over at MobileRead, but most of the conversations are too technical for me. I hope some of you can at least give me some starting points.

My issues, let me show you them )
I read ebooks on my computer.  I use Calibre and have the plugins from A guide for the perplexed.  It says that if you get Kindle for PC, you don't have to customize any of the plugins; the books should be unlocked automatically when you add them to Calibre.  Except it's not working--the books is not unlocking.  Why not, and how can I fix it?  I moved the books from "My Kindle Content" folder to the folder with the rest of my ebooks in it; does that matter?  I've tried adding the book with nothing changed in the plugins (although it does already have the PID from other stores).  I've tried adding the book with my Amazon password entered where the PID goes; I've tried adding the book with the e-mail associated with my Amazon account there; I've tried adding it with "____'s Kindle for PC" there.  (Those are the only three identifying things I can think of or find.)  None of them have worked.  Help!
Hi guys, I thought I'd mention this here because I know a lot of you are m/m readers and the current plugins for Calibre often have a hard time finding metadata for those books. (Also I kinda pestered the developer into writing this plugin and I told him lots of people would love it. I hope I'm not wrong about that.)

Anyway, there's now plugins for Calibre that will fetch metadata and covers from Goodreads. You can find them here. If you find them useful, a thank you to the dev might not be amiss. He was a rockstar for helping with this when the Calibre creator said he thought it would be pointless and that Amazon and Googlebooks were enough.
I've got version 0.7.44 and I'm noticing that when it converts epubs to lrfs, the file size is like ten times the size of the original epub (like 1.0 MB or more when files I converted on older versions are much, much smaller.) and my 505 chokes on it. I've been trying to download one really long story from A03, and I'm converting it because the epub from the site comes up empty in my reader every time. It works if I convert it to RTF and load that. If I convert to LRF, it never loads and freezes my reader. Anyone having a similar problem with this version?
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If you use calibre, you may have noticed the comment when you fetch metadata regarding signing up for a free account in order to get access to that database for metadata as well as GoogleBooks.  If you are unsure about whether that's something that you want to do, I'm offering a key under my account for you to use to try the database with. It has a limit of 100 look-ups per day.  My only request is that you sign up for your own account if you decide that this is in fact something useful for you and if it isn't, delete the key from your copy of calibre.
This is the key:  WRP8AE5G
When you look up metadata, you'll get that pop-up screen that gives you options of different versions of a book, or different books if it isn't quite sure what you are searching for.  Enter the key in the text box at the top next to "access key", click "Fetch", and you'll be ready to go.
I have some dumb Calibre questions I was hoping someone could help me with. I find the mobileread Calibre thread pretty intimidating and too techy to go ask newbie questions, but it seems there's some pretty knowledgeable people here too, so maybe you can help.

First, among the books I've loaded into my Calibre library, there are some .doc files. Calibre is unable to convert these in any way. I assume I have to convert them manually, but what is the best format to convert them to before I add them back to Calibre? Do I have to delete the originals from Calibre entirely and then re-add them and redo all the metadata or is there a better way to just convert the existing files? Anyone know the reason Calibre doesn't do anything related to .doc files? I'd think with OpenOffice, they'd be able to do conversions at the least.

ETA: using the method below( I was able to convert my .docs to epub, with the following caveats: some of the doc files had embedded images and those I converted to filtered html instead of rtf; one of the files had to be manually merged with its original because somehow the title got changed; I haven't looked at them on my ereader to see how they look, but in the Calibre viewer they look fine; I don't really care about file size so I wasn't paying any attention to that.

Second, I'm pretty sure I don't have Adobe ADE installed, just their pdf reader. I have a few secured pdfs I'd like to convert to a different format. I don't have any of the deDRM tools installed because I try to avoid buying DRM'd books, but it would also be nice to get books from the library. Is there any point in me adding the deDRM plugins if I don't want to install ADE or Kindle4PC or any of those type of programs? Is it possible to deDRM library books without installing ADE?

What other Calibre plugins do you use? What do they do and how easy are they to use? (I ask because there are a few plugins that look promising to me, but it seems the most recent edition of Calibre has quite a few bugs and you need to update to that to use them. I'm currently using 7.40)

Next, a lot of times Calibre can't find the metadata for my books using Googlebooks. It is available on Goodreads and I end up cutting and pasting. Is it worth it for me to sign up for an account so Calibre can check there for the metadata? Is it more or less complete than Googlebooks?

Lastly and not Calibre related, has anyone here used the PRS+ hack? I'd like the dictionary function, (I love it on my eBookwise) but if it screws other things up, I'd rather not bother. I'm just wondering if it's more trouble than it's worth or is it something you can't live without.

For the record I have a Sony 505 and an eBookwise.
Did you know that you can use calibre to track your pbook library?  Or that you could use it to track wish list books?  YOU CAN!

That link leads to a demo-video.  While the version of calibre that she is using is 7.2 and the current version is 7.43, the differences in what she is showing are few and easily parsed.  You can just add a tag for "pbook" or "wish list" to differentiate these books from the ebooks that you have on your computer.  I think I am going to use it to track pbooks that I am getting rid of but that I'd like to own in eversions once DRM has died its slow death.

I am super-stoked about this particular bit of functionality.

Also, on a non-related note, I keep wanting to double-tap words everywhere (computer screen, pbook) in order to get definitions after using my ereader for just over 3 months.

Following various links for the piracy debates, I came across this blog entry.  It tells you how to combine some scripts with calibre to strip DRM off of your books purchased from Amazon, Barnes & Noble, etc. etc.  It doesn't work for LIT books or iBooks with DRM.  I've installed it and used it and it is quite easy.

ETA: If you don't enter the correct information for the plug-ins, you will have to remove the books that still have DRM, fix the information for the plug-in and then, re-add them to calibre in order to remove the DRM. 
I'm wondering what system, if any, people might use for organizing fic downloaded from the internet. Do you use Calibre? A folder structure? Something else?

I've only just started figuring things out, and while Calibre seems great for "real" ebooks, with the automated meta data, and sorting and saving by author, I tend to lean toward sorting by fandom first for fic. I'm currently using a folder system for that, which I copy onto the reader, but I can see how it might grow unwieldy if it gets big enough.

So, curious to hear what systems people have devised....

And a possibly handy tip: I recently discovered EPUBReader, which seems like a very useful plugin for Firefox.
I've started to use < h2 > tags for all my chapters within the HTML document I plan on using to convert to LRF. Here is an example. (I've added spaces to the tags so they'll be visible.)

< h2 >American Myth< /h2 > or < h2 >Chapter One< /h2 >

These are the settings I'm using in order to center my chapters and add a page break at each chapter. You don't have to use the css override if you don't want to but I find it helps the ebook look nicer.
LRF css settings )
The next step is to change the chapter detection settings.
Chapter Detection Settings )
This setting works best for chapters that aren't labeled Chapter One or Book One. If you have chapters that are like Monday, The Last Stand, and're good to go with the first setting.

If all your chapters start with Chapter or Book you'll need to use this setting instead.
Alternate Chapter Detection Settings )
The only change is at Detect chapter at tag: Instead of h2,none, you need to use $,,$

If you don't make that change in the Sony PRS Table of Contents you'll get

Chapter One
Chapter One
Chapter Two
Chapter Two

One thing to keep in mind this method only adds the chapters to the Table of Contents on the Sony PRS. The table of contents won't show on the actual story. However, I find going to the Table of Contents rather easy and it's much easier to jump to later chapters using this method. If you do open the LRF in Sony Library you can view your Table of Contents there before adding the story to your device. this is what I'm doing to double check my work.

Mobi css settings )

Epub css settings )


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