Anybody know if/where the His Dark Materials trilogy can be downloaded as ebooks? Google hasn't been helpful, and they're not in the Amazon store. I use a Kindle app on my iPad, so I'd prefer mobi or PDF, but will take another format if those aren't available.

I would prefer to buy them legally, but wouldn't feel too guilty downloading copies if the official version is not available, since I did pay for the dead-tree versions once already. (But I would not pay for pirates.)
Does anyone have a link or a walkthrough on how to get Calibre to convert from an html file to an epub? Every time I try it keeps giving me only about two pages of it.
I have a question about long-ish fanfics that are works in progress.

Let's say that I'm reading a 200,000+ word fic, which isn't yet complete. I download it to my e-reader, and read it on that.
Then, the author updates the fic with a new chapter.

Is there a way to add this chapter to the existing e-book?
Or is the only way to get it to re-download the entire fic?

If I do re-download the entire fic, does anybody know of an easy way to breeze past those first 55 chapters of 200,000+ words, or am I better off just reading the new chapters on my laptop?

Side notes, in case they are useful, although I think the question is applicable to any site/management tool/e-reader:
Using a Kobo Touch, downloading fic from the, managing fic with Calibre.
Has anyone used this feature to share their calibre library with people outside of their home network? I'd like to share my library with my brother in Texas and while I can see it just fine, he can't. I already have a no-ip account and I created a host name using my external IP address that I obtained here:

I'm not sure what it is I'm doing wrong. I've also forwarded the web server port on my router, only I'm not sure which IP address to use there either...I'd appreciate any and all advice or a link to a decent guide on how to set this up.
Hi guys. I tried recently to download and read Chinese ebooks (in epub format), and found that Adobe Digital Editions appears not to support the fonts. I've noticed earlier that even symbols like é weren't being rendered properly, but this novel is entirely rendered in question marks. I tried to look around online for solutions, but most of them are from message boards dated 2009-10 and seem to point at new updates, which isn't very helpful. I do have Asian fonts installed (I don't have a reader - this is my computer); they display correctly in other applications.

Anyone have suggestions or ideas about fixing this? Thanks in advance!
I found a site with nice screensavers for Kindle. The problem is, how do I get them on my Kindle? Can you point me to any nifty sites that help me to jailbreak the screensaver folder? Had no luck with google so far...
I've got version 0.7.44 and I'm noticing that when it converts epubs to lrfs, the file size is like ten times the size of the original epub (like 1.0 MB or more when files I converted on older versions are much, much smaller.) and my 505 chokes on it. I've been trying to download one really long story from A03, and I'm converting it because the epub from the site comes up empty in my reader every time. It works if I convert it to RTF and load that. If I convert to LRF, it never loads and freezes my reader. Anyone having a similar problem with this version?
Ello :D

I have bought an ebook , and it was provided in the following formats: .lit, .pdf, .rtf, and .txt.

I know I can use Calibre to create a .epub file to read on my reader, but I was wondering if anyone knows which of the four formats will produce the best .epub ouput.

By best I mean the clearest, most readable layout with the least amount of weird / haphazard line breaks or unrecognised / garbled symbols.

I am also using osx (macintosh), so I know I could open the .rtf, and .txt. in and save as epub, but in my (limited) experience this produces worse results than Calibre does.

I want to save to .epub because I have a Sony reader and find epubs display on it (in my opinion) the most clearly, and also supports font upscaling / text re-flow more accurately

Any help / advice much appreciated.
So I ended up in the Sony store today looking at the new Sony Pocket (again). I noticed the old 300 is on sale for $80, and when I remarked to the salesman that I had one of those and I was thinking about upgrading to the 350, he mentioned I could trade my old one in for $50 and they will "recycle" it.

I have a bit of a crisis of conscience. I love my 300; he still works perfectly, and it seems... I dunno, wasteful to send a year-old device off to get recycled. I don't want to trash him just so I can get a discount on a new model, but I don't know that I could get $50 for him on Craigslist or something either.

Thoughts? Anybody know what "recycle" means in this context? I'd feel better about it if it's refurbishing or sending them off to poor kids or something than I they're just destroying them.

Edit: Immediate problem solved, as my girlfriend let me trade in her ten year old laptop for a hundred dollar credit instead, and I paid all of $30 for the 350. Thank you all for your advice, though! I'm sort of amazed that people are still paying secondhand for the 300 almost what they're selling for new.
I have some dumb Calibre questions I was hoping someone could help me with. I find the mobileread Calibre thread pretty intimidating and too techy to go ask newbie questions, but it seems there's some pretty knowledgeable people here too, so maybe you can help.

First, among the books I've loaded into my Calibre library, there are some .doc files. Calibre is unable to convert these in any way. I assume I have to convert them manually, but what is the best format to convert them to before I add them back to Calibre? Do I have to delete the originals from Calibre entirely and then re-add them and redo all the metadata or is there a better way to just convert the existing files? Anyone know the reason Calibre doesn't do anything related to .doc files? I'd think with OpenOffice, they'd be able to do conversions at the least.

ETA: using the method below( I was able to convert my .docs to epub, with the following caveats: some of the doc files had embedded images and those I converted to filtered html instead of rtf; one of the files had to be manually merged with its original because somehow the title got changed; I haven't looked at them on my ereader to see how they look, but in the Calibre viewer they look fine; I don't really care about file size so I wasn't paying any attention to that.

Second, I'm pretty sure I don't have Adobe ADE installed, just their pdf reader. I have a few secured pdfs I'd like to convert to a different format. I don't have any of the deDRM tools installed because I try to avoid buying DRM'd books, but it would also be nice to get books from the library. Is there any point in me adding the deDRM plugins if I don't want to install ADE or Kindle4PC or any of those type of programs? Is it possible to deDRM library books without installing ADE?

What other Calibre plugins do you use? What do they do and how easy are they to use? (I ask because there are a few plugins that look promising to me, but it seems the most recent edition of Calibre has quite a few bugs and you need to update to that to use them. I'm currently using 7.40)

Next, a lot of times Calibre can't find the metadata for my books using Googlebooks. It is available on Goodreads and I end up cutting and pasting. Is it worth it for me to sign up for an account so Calibre can check there for the metadata? Is it more or less complete than Googlebooks?

Lastly and not Calibre related, has anyone here used the PRS+ hack? I'd like the dictionary function, (I love it on my eBookwise) but if it screws other things up, I'd rather not bother. I'm just wondering if it's more trouble than it's worth or is it something you can't live without.

For the record I have a Sony 505 and an eBookwise.
cathepsut: (sony ereader)
([personal profile] cathepsut Jan. 22nd, 2011 01:07 am)
I just joined the group, my Sony Reader Touch arrived today in the mail and I alraedy have my first stupid question... ;-)

The harddrive of my PC has partitions and I installed the Reader Library on the drive with the most available space, stupidly assuming that the books would then also download to that drive. Far from it, they download to my c-drive, where I don't want them. I can't figure out how to change the download path. Any ideas?

If I can't do that, I will probably import books to my calibre library -- which very conveniently let me put my stuff whereever I wanted -- and then delete them from the Reader folder on my c-drive....

Oh, and just to vent -- I think it's utterly stupid that I can only buy and download ebooks from the Sony Reader store if I have an address in the US or Canada. I can find the books I want somewhere else, but still... What the heck?


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