I had no idea this existed, but if you have old ereaders sitting around gathering dust, Amazon runs an electronics trade-in program.

Search results for Kindle.

Search results for Nook.

There were also results for Sony and Cybook.

Apparently the way it works is that Amazon acts as the middleman between yourself and a third party, and you receive an Amazon.com gift card as payment. Check out the FAQ for more information.

I thought I'd pass it on as some people are bound to have old ebook readers sitting around, and older electronics are hard to sell. Given the flexibility of the Amazon.com gift cards, it's certainly possible to use it on things like digital music if one doesn't prefer to buy ebooks from Amazon.

edit - As noted in the comments at [community profile] unclutter, markets like Craigslist are likely to yield higher amounts of money, should one sell directly to another buyer. Amazon definitely does not have the top dollar value for one's trade-ins. :)
Hi guys. I tried recently to download and read Chinese ebooks (in epub format), and found that Adobe Digital Editions appears not to support the fonts. I've noticed earlier that even symbols like é weren't being rendered properly, but this novel is entirely rendered in question marks. I tried to look around online for solutions, but most of them are from message boards dated 2009-10 and seem to point at new updates, which isn't very helpful. I do have Asian fonts installed (I don't have a reader - this is my computer); they display correctly in other applications.

Anyone have suggestions or ideas about fixing this? Thanks in advance!
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Just in case you hadn't seen it: there's now an update available for Stanza that fixes iOS5 compatibility issues! I had never found a satsfactory replacement, so it was amazing to have the app back and working properly again.
Big Lots has the Slick eReader on sale for $59 in stores. I don't know if it is any good but here is the ad if you are interested.

Here is a review of the device.
Here is the manufacturer's page.
Back before AO3 went live with their ebook feature, I was a tester. I only had my computer for reading ebooks and now that I have an ereader, I'm discovering issues that I didn't have with ARE. So, I've reoffered my services to them as they are in need of testers. If you want to join me, the link to sign up to be a volunteer is here.
I bought my first e-reader a few months ago, a Cool-ER from a company called Interead which went bust the week after I bought my toy *sigh*. It was basically a clone of a Netronix-type of reader, so similar to the Cybook. It died this week; the screen is "cracked" internally and although you can see it's still trying to work, about three quarters is covered by a black blob that makes reading impossible, and it isn't refreshing properly. I feel a bit of a fool; I was carrying it in a soft cover to protect the screen from scratches, but in hindsight I should have used a rigid cover to protect it from physical damage. With the vendors out of business I very much doubt I'll be able to do anything about this.

So I went and replaced it with a Sony PRS-505 from trusty old eBay. It was being sold by an Owd Goff who had covered with skulls and roses. Since I have tendencies that way myself, this made it more appealing to me, but less appealing to the general public, so I managed to get it for £65 (just over $100). I have named it "Wanton Rose", since all my computers are named after G&S references and that seems to fit very well.

comparison )

For $100, though, I'm very satisfied with my new toy :-)
I've posted a somewhat long-winded review/impressions of the Cruz Reader and Tablet here.
This is probably one of the greatest uses of the DS ever, well, except for the games.

Make no mistake about it, the DS (and the DS Lite and DSi) is primarily a game platform, designed to allow you to play the games you have come to love in a palm-top manner. It's not too different from the Nintendo Color, the Nintendo Advanced and many other such palm based games. But just as you can use the PSP that you play games on to watch DVDs, you can use the DS to read your ebooks.

But it doesn't come without some work.

Full review behind the cut tag )

It doesn't really have as much versatility, but you are using a game platform to read a book. Think about it. It's a cool hack and it gives you a decent ereader. It is up to you.



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