Every month, book designer Joel Friedlander hosts an ebook cover contest on his blog. AFAIK, it's just a personal thing... "send me ebook covers; I will pick 1 winner per month in each of the Fiction and Nonfiction categories, and showcase some of the rest." However, since he has decades of experience in the industry and a terrific eye, people keep playing. I love these awards; he not only shows what's done very well, but what's *almost* great, but fails because of bad typography or too much clutter or other problems that plague ebook covers.

e-Book Cover Design Awards, April 2012

He keeps reiterating that "shrink the paper cover" is often a bad decision--that what works on an ebook and what works on paper are different. Ebook covers, since they need to look good at roughly icon size (or icon width, and can be a bit taller), just look cluttered if they have two sentences of text under the title, and swirling elaborate fonts often get lost.

I like the cover for "Blood and Guitars;" it's one of the few I've seen where the lack of obvious border works well.
Sony and Martha Stewart are having a sweepstakes and the prize is the Sony Pocket eReader.  Here is the link to enter the sweepstakes.

ETA: This is for US residents only. Thanks, [personal profile] elf , for the note.

The Unread Reader has a challenge for 2011: read at least twelve (12) legally obtained e-books which you got for FREE for your e-reading device. And review them. Entrants are put in a drawing for gift certificates, which I think is not as nifty as the idea of over 50 blogs posting reviews of free ebooks every month and linking them all in one place.

I'm going to sign up; this looks fun! (Also, I need *something* to get me started on ebook reviews.)


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