I need help with finding a good epub reader for my Windows 8. I have Adobe Digital Editions installed, but I hate the way text is displayed - the font is horrible, I have no words so I'm adding a screencap. Is there a good standalone desktop program I can use to read my fic on my laptop? I mostly use my tablet, but sometimes I find I need to take a break from the work I'm doing and want to read a fic. Help!

Poking through various publishing/ebook blogs, these are the posts of interest to me recently. Some of them have multiple links to other blogs, and those are often worth reading too. The first one, especially, is worth some talk. I'm also annoyed at the growing number of self-pub authors who are releasing first drafts with intent to edit after the reviews start coming in and telling them what readers didn't like.

Dear Author: When I bought your book, I didn't sign up to be your beta reader (grumbling about major edits after release, like adding new chapters)

Carolyn Jewel: Why Ebook Formatting Matters (with screencaps!)

Guest post @ Publishing a Book is an Adventure: Amazon and Book Review Ownership (Amazon claims management rights for reviews on their site. Not quite claiming copyright, but they don't allow authors to use those quotes; authors would have to get permission from the reviewer.)

The Passive Voice: You Say Documents; I say Source Files (formatting manuscripts for ebook production; quote of another person's post + commentary by PG.)

Indie Author News: How to Avoid Bad Book Reviews (Importance of researching one's selected reviewers)
I posted in my journal that I'd like to run a read/review fest for ebooks of some sort, probably focused on free ebooks available from Smashwords, although I'm open to other options. The end result would be a cluster of new reviews at [community profile] sps, although I don't know if that means "a bunch of posts by different people" or "a couple of roundup posts by me, with links."

I need to know how much interest there is, and what kinds of books people would be willing to read and what kind of reviews they'd be willing to write. While I'd be overjoyed with several dozen volunteers who want to write three 500-word reviews each, I'd *also* be plenty happy with ten or twelve volunteers who offer to read one free short story and write 20-word "I liked this because" or "don't waste your time" reviews. (I'm hoping that if I set the bar for participation low, we'll get more people. Certainly I'm not going to prevent anyone from writing long detailed reviews.)

There's a (very brief) poll at my journal. Comments of any sort welcome here or there.
Everyone knows about Smell of Books, right? The (fake) air freshener you use after you've switched to ebooks and you need that reminder of a youth spent in a library instead of in the sunshine?

In addition to the Secondhand Bookshop fragrance by [livejournal.com profile] amberite, there's now newsprint-scented candles, aromatherapy for the bibliophile. But there's only 1000 of them, at $65 each, so Amazon probably won't be giving one away with their NYT-subscription Kindles.
A poll! Because we all need more polls! Or rather, because I looked at the membership list and said, mygods, who ARE all these people, and also, I bet they'd like more ... posts about ... something ebookish.. In order to figure out what kinds of posts those should be, I bring you ... TICKY BOXES! Confirm your ebookish identity, knowledge, and DRM skills!

Five Questions About Ebooking )
Five features I want from an ebook reader that could be developed with reasonable ease, rather than the ridiculous "it will play movie clips & integrate with Facebook" that some publishers & hardware designers seem to think are important. (And, hey, if you're dying for ebooks with animated scenes, or want to have an ebook club connection through your reader, more power to you... it's just not what I'm looking for in ebooks.)

Not that long, but still cut to save your readlist )
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([personal profile] elf Aug. 30th, 2010 07:33 am)
Every once in a while, the topic of "ads in ebooks" comes up at Mobileread.

Not. Gonna. Happen.

Not because it's technically too difficult--although it's not easy. Text-based ads are almost useless (well, they work okay for Google, but that's because you can click them; people won't stop to click them in the middle of the book. They don't work well as embedded links on keywords; people disable Snap.com when they can), and *any* picture based ads have to consider the hardware & software involved. They'll look different depending on whether the book is being read on a computer monitor, a laptop or netbook, a tablet like the iPad, a 6" e-ink screen, or a mobile phone. How do you design a picture-ad that's readable on a cellphone & not horrifically boring or annoying on a 21" screen?

Answer: you don't.

More opinionated semi-ranting inside )
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([personal profile] elf Aug. 6th, 2010 07:42 pm)
I've been considering posting ebook reviews. I've bought a number of small, cheap ebooks from Fictionwise (short stories... there's something wrong with calling a document of 5000 words a "book"), and am starting to buy more from Smashwords. I intend to leave reviews at SW, where they'll be useful for other readers and it occurred to me that I might post the in my journal. Or here in the comm.

On the one hand, I think "ebook reviews" are well within the scope of the comm. On the other, I don't want it to be flooded with book recs instead of ebook discussions. Not that I have any idea how likely that is.

I've been thinking (read: cluttering up 750words.com entries) about a template for ebook reviews, including info like "what filetypes is it available in" and "how is it formatted in a couple of those filetypes" and "is it available at more than one ebook store." I'd want to include price, title, author & publisher (which might be the author). I'd include DRM info except I don't do DRM at all; that'd be a blank line on the template for me.

Should I post ebook reviews here, yes/no? Should I only do them if they're long enough to be a full post on their own, or would it be okay to list half a dozen books with two-sentence notes? Should I only post (here, or in my journal--you get to speculate on What Ebook Reviews Should Be Like, even if you don't think they belong here) for books I read all the way through or include reviews for "got to page 20; realized this is tripe; clicked the backbutton--if you like cliched vampire fic, go ahead & try it."

Not posting a poll; I want open answers. Ebook reviews: tell me what you'd like. And then tell me what you'd like that someone who has a day job might be willing to provide. If there were a template, what details would you like included? What's *really* important for you in a book review from a stranger?
I read ebooks. (My friends know this, right? It's not like I'm coy about my obsession with doc conversion, or slow to mention that what I do with fanfic is throw it on my Sony Reader.) I buy ebooks, sometimes, although not nearly as much as I read free ebooks & fanfic. And I'll admit to having acquired some ebooks through methods other than "bought" or "downloaded from author/publisher/official archive site."

And I feel guilty about those. Sometimes.

But only sometimes. )
I'm wondering what system, if any, people might use for organizing fic downloaded from the internet. Do you use Calibre? A folder structure? Something else?

I've only just started figuring things out, and while Calibre seems great for "real" ebooks, with the automated meta data, and sorting and saving by author, I tend to lean toward sorting by fandom first for fic. I'm currently using a folder system for that, which I copy onto the reader, but I can see how it might grow unwieldy if it gets big enough.

So, curious to hear what systems people have devised....

And a possibly handy tip: I recently discovered EPUBReader, which seems like a very useful plugin for Firefox.
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This is *fascinating*. Really. I never get to see real ebook drama; it's usually "oh, I could never give up the smell of real books!" vs "umm, 300 books in my pocket, yay!" And then there's some mumblings on both sides, and they both move on and read books on whatever media tweaks their kinks. But not this time!

I bring you... Alan Kaufman vs Mobileread!

Who, you might ask, is Alan Kaufman? I don't know! Apparently, he's written some books. And he blogs about writerly things. And a little over a month ago, he wrote The Electronic Book Burning, in which he compares ebooks to Nazis:
The book is fast becoming the despised Jew of our culture. Der Jude is now Der Book. Hi-tech propogandists tell us that the book is a tree-murdering, space-devouring, inferior form of technology; that society would simply be better-off altogether if we euthanized it even as we begin to carry around, like good little Aryans, whole libraries in our pockets, downloaded on the Uber-Kindle.
Serious Godwin points for that. In an opening salvo, even. (It's okay, folks, he's Jewish, and that makes it okay for him to compare technological advances to the Holocaust. Erm.)

Aaaaand they're off! In this corner, literary blogger Alan Kaufman. In that corner, the combined membership of Mobileread forums! )


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