It is my understanding that the Kindle has a built-in app/feature where you can click on a word in a language (e.g. French) and a translation in, say, English will pop up. This sounds awesome. However, I have a Nook Color, and my googlefu is failing me as to whether there is a similar feature/available app that doesn't require rooting and installing the Kindle app.

Does anyone know of something like this?
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([personal profile] sprat Nov. 11th, 2011 11:26 am)
Just in case you hadn't seen it: there's now an update available for Stanza that fixes iOS5 compatibility issues! I had never found a satsfactory replacement, so it was amazing to have the app back and working properly again.
So... for a long time I was reading fanfic from AO3 on my iPod Touch. I have to say, I *adored* the way AO3 interacted with iBooks. The chaptering, the formatting... very, very readable. The downside was that if I wasn't near a WiFi hot spot, I couldn't get more when I ran out of stuff to read.

Since I couldn't wait for Apple to make the iPhone available to a company that would give me a data plan that didn't resemble the GNP of a small country, I ended up getting an Android touch screen phone. I love the idea of having my phone/music player/ebook reader/internet all in one small toy! But I can't find an ebook reader I really like for the 'droid and I'm considering dragging the iPod around as an eReader if I have to. I've tried several different free ebook readers on the Android, and while not *awful*, they still don't have that really smooth feel that iBooks has.

Can you guys recommend to me the best (and obviously, my definition of best is 'most closely resembles iBooks) ebook reader available in the Android market for free (or really, really, like less than $5 cheap)?



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