The Metropolitan Museum of Art has put PDFs of all their out-of-print works available for free online.  Bad news is, they're the kind of PDFs that you can't copy the text out of, so if you want to convert to another format you'll have to OCR them first.  Good news is, there's a lot of really cool books there for free.
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I just used squee!Book to translate a fanfic to epub format for my ereader and noticed that it now accepts Dreamwidth links for stories. My life has just gotten much better!

If you've never used it before, you plug in the title, author, and link to the story or the text of the story and it will create a book for you to save on your computer. It looks like you can use a photo to create a custom cover as well but I haven't played with that yet.

According to the site, it accepts links from ", Livejournal, Dreamwidth & AO3...[and]text from other URLs will need fixing...."
It will create a book in these formats: .txt .html .pdf .rtf .fb2 .epub .mobi

ETA: The About page made me laugh. It's also full of other good information that I didn't know and thus, did not share with you.
I was on Overdrive this morning trying to remember what book I was wanting to search for* when I see some new links. In the spirit of curiosity and dead cats, I clicked. Overdrive is now offering DRM-free books. So, when they have a book that has a DRM-free version, it is called Open epub/PDF and has a cute little green, unlocked padlock symbol. The version that has DRM has a red, locked padlock symbol. These unlocked books still have a due date but I'm not sure how they can even enforce that without DRM. Now, there aren't a lot yet and the vast majority seem to be from O'Reilly but the fact that it's now one of the offered formats is, in my opinion, a tremendous step forward. I did get myself on the waitlist (yes, ridiculous, artificial scarcity, yada) for 3 Stargate:Atlantis official fanfiction books.

*Seriously, I have no idea what it was but I remember thinking about it and being really excited so I hope I eventually remember.

ETA: The vast majority on the first 3 pages were from O'Reilly but it looks like it's mostly science fiction with a couple of romance thrown in. Of course, this is my library so ymmv.


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