It is my understanding that the Kindle has a built-in app/feature where you can click on a word in a language (e.g. French) and a translation in, say, English will pop up. This sounds awesome. However, I have a Nook Color, and my googlefu is failing me as to whether there is a similar feature/available app that doesn't require rooting and installing the Kindle app.

Does anyone know of something like this?
I had no idea this existed, but if you have old ereaders sitting around gathering dust, Amazon runs an electronics trade-in program.

Search results for Kindle.

Search results for Nook.

There were also results for Sony and Cybook.

Apparently the way it works is that Amazon acts as the middleman between yourself and a third party, and you receive an gift card as payment. Check out the FAQ for more information.

I thought I'd pass it on as some people are bound to have old ebook readers sitting around, and older electronics are hard to sell. Given the flexibility of the gift cards, it's certainly possible to use it on things like digital music if one doesn't prefer to buy ebooks from Amazon.

edit - As noted in the comments at [community profile] unclutter, markets like Craigslist are likely to yield higher amounts of money, should one sell directly to another buyer. Amazon definitely does not have the top dollar value for one's trade-ins. :)
If you're looking for an ereader and have been thinking about the Nook, today's item on is a refurbished e-ink 3G Nook for $99.99 +$5 shipping. It comes with a 1 year warranty and 90 days of free tech support.

Just spreading the Nook love. ;-)
I'm thinking about getting a Nook for the 3G capabilities. I'm about to be travelling a lot and although I'll have my laptop with me, I won't always have wireless access in places.

I'm wondering how well it works. Can I access any webpage with the 3G? My friend just has wireless and I was able to access DW although it was squished in all the wrong places. Any problems that you've encountered? Mostly, I would want to read my email, read DW & Tweet with it.

Feedback would be welcome. Thanks
So, I'm wondering if people with Nook have experienced a lack of sturdiness with their devices. My friend has already had to have hers replaced once due to it falling to the ground and being damaged enough to stop working. My Sony has hit the ground a number of times and even without a case, I've not had any problems.
Back before AO3 went live with their ebook feature, I was a tester. I only had my computer for reading ebooks and now that I have an ereader, I'm discovering issues that I didn't have with ARE. So, I've reoffered my services to them as they are in need of testers. If you want to join me, the link to sign up to be a volunteer is here.
The prices of Nooks are going down. According to Engadget Best Buy and B&N will be selling a wireless only Nook for $149 and the current Nook will drop to $199.


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