[personal profile] coffeeandink has just posted Ereader Basics (9/30/2011), which includes many tips on how to shop for an ereader for someone getting their first ereader.

[personal profile] coffeeandink's post is intended to add additional information to Ana Mardoll's eReader: Device Comparison Shopping (9/15/2011), because "some of the information in the post is obsolete. (The post is two weeks old. Yes, things are moving that fast.)"
De and I will be doing two ebook related panels at Escapade:

eBook Hardware: Show and Tell, Upcoming Toys: Kindles, nooks, Sony Readers, iOS things, Android tablets, etc. What do we have, what are we looking at getting? Whether you’re thinking about getting started or you’ve been reading for years, join us to talk about tech toys. (Friday at 2 pm.)

eBook Software: Primarily an introduction to Calibre, but let’s talk about some other software that we might be using. We can talk about exporting from archives, choosing file types, that kind of thing. What helps you get the most out of your ereading device? (Saturday at 5 pm).

In the hardware panel, we'll be focusing on the different features of the various available devices and how they compare (e.g., e-ink vs. LCD screens; multifunction tablets vs. dedicated readers.) At the Software panel, in addition to highlighting Calibre, we'll also be talking about DRM, and what it means to you.

If you're coming to Escapade, we hope to see you there!
I bought my first e-reader a few months ago, a Cool-ER from a company called Interead which went bust the week after I bought my toy *sigh*. It was basically a clone of a Netronix-type of reader, so similar to the Cybook. It died this week; the screen is "cracked" internally and although you can see it's still trying to work, about three quarters is covered by a black blob that makes reading impossible, and it isn't refreshing properly. I feel a bit of a fool; I was carrying it in a soft cover to protect the screen from scratches, but in hindsight I should have used a rigid cover to protect it from physical damage. With the vendors out of business I very much doubt I'll be able to do anything about this.

So I went and replaced it with a Sony PRS-505 from trusty old eBay. It was being sold by an Owd Goff who had covered with skulls and roses. Since I have tendencies that way myself, this made it more appealing to me, but less appealing to the general public, so I managed to get it for £65 (just over $100). I have named it "Wanton Rose", since all my computers are named after G&S references and that seems to fit very well.

comparison )

For $100, though, I'm very satisfied with my new toy :-)
So I ended up in the Sony store today looking at the new Sony Pocket (again). I noticed the old 300 is on sale for $80, and when I remarked to the salesman that I had one of those and I was thinking about upgrading to the 350, he mentioned I could trade my old one in for $50 and they will "recycle" it.

I have a bit of a crisis of conscience. I love my 300; he still works perfectly, and it seems... I dunno, wasteful to send a year-old device off to get recycled. I don't want to trash him just so I can get a discount on a new model, but I don't know that I could get $50 for him on Craigslist or something either.

Thoughts? Anybody know what "recycle" means in this context? I'd feel better about it if it's refurbishing or sending them off to poor kids or something than I they're just destroying them.

Edit: Immediate problem solved, as my girlfriend let me trade in her ten year old laptop for a hundred dollar credit instead, and I paid all of $30 for the 350. Thank you all for your advice, though! I'm sort of amazed that people are still paying secondhand for the 300 almost what they're selling for new.
I've posted a somewhat long-winded review/impressions of the Cruz Reader and Tablet here.
I just posted in my journal the journey I took from not wanting a reader to shivering in anticipation of it arriving via FedEx.  I saw quite a few readers in the process and I give my opinion on them.

ereaders ho!

I'm in the market for an ebook reader, and as much as i don't like the entire screen turning black during refresh, I think e-ink wins over LCD for battery longevity and low screen glare.

I think I'd rather ea 6 inch reader than a 5 inch one, and the ones that seem to get the best reviews across the most formats are the Sony E-readers.

Do you have a Sony pocket or Touch? (I am in the UK so the Daily isn't available). What do you think of them and what are the pros and cons of each.

As I understand it the pocket does not have a memory card slot whereas the Daily does?

How do they each deal with pdf reflow?  Unfortunately most of my e-library is pdf, and I have not found a low error way to convert them as yet. (I have tried Calibre, but especially my 'Dummies' titles just end up with mostly unreadable text)

Barring mechanical failure, I want to get an e-reader which will last me a few years, so I want to get the right one for me on fist purchase.

I have never owned an e-reader before, but since buying my iTouch I've seen the appeal of e-devices. I am also starting the research on my dissertation and suddenly need to plough through LOTS of e-text.


thanks in advance
Here's an article here on PC World:


It compares the new Sony PRS-300 (which comes out this month) and the PRS-600 with the Kindle. My sister would like a reader and the PRS-300 would be up her alley but not mine... no sd slot? Only 440MB of space and that's it? Let's not forget an inch less screen real estate. The no wireless doesn't bother me because I don't need that, but still I think $199 is too much for what you get. If you charged that for the 600 model which has a touch screen and a stylus so you can made hand-written notes, I could see that.

Ah well... at least the ebook world keeps expanding.
Further to the specific Amazon questions yesterday... I'm thinking quite seriously about buying an eBook reader (partly because I'm planning to travel and I don't want to have to keep putting my books into storage/lugging them with me) but I'm not at all drawn to the Kindle, partly because of the DRM, partly because I think it's ugly. I also have some issues with Sony: they have been known to push intrusive and destructive DRM on their products in the past (music, particularly) and I'm not massively keen on supporting them.

Looking around at alternatives, the two that have sprung up particularly are the Hanlin eReader or the Bookeen Cybook. I'd be really interested in feedback from people who've used these, or other readers. And just discussion in general! I'm getting quite excited about the potential of eBooks (I am a writer and I think it offers a lot of scope for self-publishing and alternate forms of publishing) and I like reading what other people have to say about the format and the hardware.


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