I had no idea this existed, but if you have old ereaders sitting around gathering dust, Amazon runs an electronics trade-in program.

Search results for Kindle.

Search results for Nook.

There were also results for Sony and Cybook.

Apparently the way it works is that Amazon acts as the middleman between yourself and a third party, and you receive an Amazon.com gift card as payment. Check out the FAQ for more information.

I thought I'd pass it on as some people are bound to have old ebook readers sitting around, and older electronics are hard to sell. Given the flexibility of the Amazon.com gift cards, it's certainly possible to use it on things like digital music if one doesn't prefer to buy ebooks from Amazon.

edit - As noted in the comments at [community profile] unclutter, markets like Craigslist are likely to yield higher amounts of money, should one sell directly to another buyer. Amazon definitely does not have the top dollar value for one's trade-ins. :)
Sony is finally making their ebook store web-compatible, instead of requiring you to install their software and register the computer with their service to buy ebooks from them.

It only took them six years. :/
In sad news, squee!Book's epubs have mostly been broken for me since I posted this entry last week. If I load them directly to my ereader, I get a Page Error when I try to read them. If I convert from epub to epub in Calibre, it does this crazy thing where it treats 10...or 50... pages as if they are one page. While I have gotten it to work on occasion, it's not working more than it is working.
On October 2nd, Sony will be releasing their newest eReader model. It has a 6-inch screen and wi-fi capabilities and is currently priced for pre-order at $149US. *salivates* It looks like the battery life is better than last year's models. It also comes with a cable for charging via a computer and one for wall-charging an adapter to turn that  cable into a wall-charger. I do not need this new thing. I love my eReader. *whimper*
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If you live in the US and are willing to purchase from the evil empire, Walmart currently has the Sony PRS-300 plus a case with a light for $99.98. I popped it in my cart to see how much shipping was.*

Site to Store Free
Regular $1.97
2-3 Day $11.94
1 Day $21.94

You can find it listed here.

*This will probably vary by location.

So, I'm wondering if people with Nook have experienced a lack of sturdiness with their devices. My friend has already had to have hers replaced once due to it falling to the ground and being damaged enough to stop working. My Sony has hit the ground a number of times and even without a case, I've not had any problems.
Back before AO3 went live with their ebook feature, I was a tester. I only had my computer for reading ebooks and now that I have an ereader, I'm discovering issues that I didn't have with ARE. So, I've reoffered my services to them as they are in need of testers. If you want to join me, the link to sign up to be a volunteer is here.
I bought my first e-reader a few months ago, a Cool-ER from a company called Interead which went bust the week after I bought my toy *sigh*. It was basically a clone of a Netronix-type of reader, so similar to the Cybook. It died this week; the screen is "cracked" internally and although you can see it's still trying to work, about three quarters is covered by a black blob that makes reading impossible, and it isn't refreshing properly. I feel a bit of a fool; I was carrying it in a soft cover to protect the screen from scratches, but in hindsight I should have used a rigid cover to protect it from physical damage. With the vendors out of business I very much doubt I'll be able to do anything about this.

So I went and replaced it with a Sony PRS-505 from trusty old eBay. It was being sold by an Owd Goff who had covered with skulls and roses. Since I have tendencies that way myself, this made it more appealing to me, but less appealing to the general public, so I managed to get it for £65 (just over $100). I have named it "Wanton Rose", since all my computers are named after G&S references and that seems to fit very well.

comparison )

For $100, though, I'm very satisfied with my new toy :-)
So I ended up in the Sony store today looking at the new Sony Pocket (again). I noticed the old 300 is on sale for $80, and when I remarked to the salesman that I had one of those and I was thinking about upgrading to the 350, he mentioned I could trade my old one in for $50 and they will "recycle" it.

I have a bit of a crisis of conscience. I love my 300; he still works perfectly, and it seems... I dunno, wasteful to send a year-old device off to get recycled. I don't want to trash him just so I can get a discount on a new model, but I don't know that I could get $50 for him on Craigslist or something either.

Thoughts? Anybody know what "recycle" means in this context? I'd feel better about it if it's refurbishing or sending them off to poor kids or something than I they're just destroying them.

Edit: Immediate problem solved, as my girlfriend let me trade in her ten year old laptop for a hundred dollar credit instead, and I paid all of $30 for the 350. Thank you all for your advice, though! I'm sort of amazed that people are still paying secondhand for the 300 almost what they're selling for new.
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I just joined the group, my Sony Reader Touch arrived today in the mail and I alraedy have my first stupid question... ;-)

The harddrive of my PC has partitions and I installed the Reader Library on the drive with the most available space, stupidly assuming that the books would then also download to that drive. Far from it, they download to my c-drive, where I don't want them. I can't figure out how to change the download path. Any ideas?

If I can't do that, I will probably import books to my calibre library -- which very conveniently let me put my stuff whereever I wanted -- and then delete them from the Reader folder on my c-drive....

Oh, and just to vent -- I think it's utterly stupid that I can only buy and download ebooks from the Sony Reader store if I have an address in the US or Canada. I can find the books I want somewhere else, but still... What the heck?
My SO recently got a Sony Daily Edition and has started looking for a cover for it. So far the ones we've seen in stores -- whether for the Sony or not -- have seemed ludicrously expensive for what they are. I ran into the same issue when I got the iTouch as a reader.

I was wondering if anyone had some other solutions or had seen places online or elsewhere that had covers for $10 or less.
I'm in the market for an ebook reader, and as much as i don't like the entire screen turning black during refresh, I think e-ink wins over LCD for battery longevity and low screen glare.

I think I'd rather ea 6 inch reader than a 5 inch one, and the ones that seem to get the best reviews across the most formats are the Sony E-readers.

Do you have a Sony pocket or Touch? (I am in the UK so the Daily isn't available). What do you think of them and what are the pros and cons of each.

As I understand it the pocket does not have a memory card slot whereas the Daily does?

How do they each deal with pdf reflow?  Unfortunately most of my e-library is pdf, and I have not found a low error way to convert them as yet. (I have tried Calibre, but especially my 'Dummies' titles just end up with mostly unreadable text)

Barring mechanical failure, I want to get an e-reader which will last me a few years, so I want to get the right one for me on fist purchase.

I have never owned an e-reader before, but since buying my iTouch I've seen the appeal of e-devices. I am also starting the research on my dissertation and suddenly need to plough through LOTS of e-text.


thanks in advance
Forgive me if this has been asked before, but:

Anyone have any experience with the PRS-600 series, especially regarding battery life with a memory card inserted?

I'm looking to see if mine is average, or chewing through it's battery quicker then 'normal'.

I just got a Sony PRS-300, and for the few hours I've had it I'm digging it. I haven't yet bothered to install the software that came with it, since I already had Calibre installed and don't plan on buying from the Sony store. Are there any benefits to using/installing the software in this case? Does it lock-in the device in any way? (I switch between a PC and a Macbook, and don't want any issues.) Do I need to register the device using the software? Are there any freebies in the Sony store that would be different from Fictionwise or Booksonboard? That sort of thing. Would appreciate any opinions!
Here's an article here on PC World:


It compares the new Sony PRS-300 (which comes out this month) and the PRS-600 with the Kindle. My sister would like a reader and the PRS-300 would be up her alley but not mine... no sd slot? Only 440MB of space and that's it? Let's not forget an inch less screen real estate. The no wireless doesn't bother me because I don't need that, but still I think $199 is too much for what you get. If you charged that for the 600 model which has a touch screen and a stylus so you can made hand-written notes, I could see that.

Ah well... at least the ebook world keeps expanding.


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