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Windows 8 desktop ebook reader

I need help with finding a good epub reader for my Windows 8. I have Adobe Digital Editions installed, but I hate the way text is displayed - the font is horrible, I have no words so I'm adding a screencap. Is there a good standalone desktop program I can use to read my fic on my laptop? I mostly use my tablet, but sometimes I find I need to take a break from the work I'm doing and want to read a fic. Help!
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I use EPUBReader in Firefox. (And sometimes Sigil. But that doesn't count; Sigil's display for reading is awful.)
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I user the Sony Reader software to read epub on my computer.
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You know I'm not sure how that feature works. I normally navigate to the story on my computer and double click the ebook to open it. I haven't actually used the import feature. I am curious now as to what would happen?
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Geographic restrictions never fail to annoy me as well. I live in Alaska and there are many stores that refuse to ship to Alaska. :( Right now Sony won't even sell the PRS-T3 to United States customers.
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P.S. Thanks for letting me know what happens when you clicked on import folder.
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I follow the fanfiction downloader plugin thread at the Mobile Read forums all the time! :) It's pretty much the first place I go when I have a ebook related question that is rather technical in nature.
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Seems like the sizing is off... have you tried increasing the page size to 125% or 150%?
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Well, I see how that would be an issue.

Amazon's Send to Kindle program will convert EPUB books to their proprietary format for viewing/reading in one of their varying apps (Kindle for Android, Kindle for PC, Cloud reader, etc).

Google Books has an option to upload EPUB books to their servers and read them in a browser window.

Not sure if either of these are options you want to look at. I personally use the Kindle family of software... I have used Kindle Cloud Reader, but mainly I use Kindle for Android. I like the software (even it it WON'T update, but that's a Play Store issue) and the Send to Kindle program does work, as I've done this with a few ARC books I've received directly from the author.
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I honestly have NO clue about NOOK. LOL
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I use Nook for fanfic off A03. It works well.
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There is also NOOK for Windows 8...

From my understanding, NOOK allows EPUB books.
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I second both Calibre and EPUBReader.
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Other alternatives : FBReader which is quite old or if you actually don't want to install anything new, portable version of Sumatra Reader,
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I use FBreader, it's available for most platforms.
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Yay! It opens mobi files too, generally, although it might not be listed that way. You can always try and see.
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It seems like you're set, but for anyone finding this later with the same question, Cool Reader also has a desktop version.