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Free ebooks for playing PlanetBaen game

Planet Baen is a planetary-management strategy game in which you win free ebooks every 5 levels and every ## allies you add. (1 ebook at the 10th alliance; another at the 25th; another... later. I don't think anyone's gotten more than that yet; they get expensive.) 20+ allies: 1st @ 20, 2nd @ 25, 3rd @ 29; 1 per 4 after that. (I got better info.)

It's in early beta. It's sometimes glitchy. Documentation is limited. There's a forum at the Baen Bar for discussion, and a thread at Mobileread where it's being discussed (and another with MR members who are playing).

Key point: Sign up with the same email address you use for Baen ebooks; the coupons aren't transferable.

Getting 1 or 2 ebooks is relatively easy; getting more takes time. Baen actively wants feedback and ideas, and is okay with people making multiple accounts to test different approaches. (Baen has never been stingy with their ebooks, so they don't mind if people wind up with a couple of extras, especially if that means the game is getting tested. However, signing up for 50 accounts, playing to level 5 on each of them, and abandoning them, would not be cool.)

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