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eta NEVERMIND OMG I finally solved it!!!!!!

I am still unable to resolve an issue I'm having with my Kobo Glo.
To recap, a friend bought me an eBook. It will open on my computer, but not on the Kobo, due to DRM issues. ("not currently authorized with your Adobe ID".) Signing in on the device seems to be a sticking point... how do I do this?
The answer is, there is a tiny gear icon in digital editions next to the Kobo icon. I clicked that, the clicked "Authorize device" and it finally worked! *puts hair back in head*

Things I've tried (with friend's help):
Getting a brand-new Adobe ID with a brand-new email address.
Doing the factory reset on the device (I may try this again)... of particular alarm was that the first adobe ID claimed it was invaled: it could only be used on one computer, even though the website claims otherwise!
Uninstalling and reinstalling Adobe Digital Editions (ADE) and Kobo desktop software

It's not that this particular book is so important to me. It's that I worry about buying more books, and if I'm going to keep running into this issue; although it does bug me that my friend's money is wasted on a book I can't read! I use my Kobo mostly for free things like fanfic and maybe I will keep it that way.

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The words "buy" and "DRM" never belong together. It's an uncertain lease at best.