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reading full-size PDFs

What are my options for reading PDFs on a mobile device if they're formatted for something like 8.5"x11" or thereabouts pages? (I read a lot of indie RPGs.) My Kindle DX died and since it's been years, I thought I'd look into other options? I do have an iPad so if that's the best option I'll go with it (app recs appreciated), but (a) the battery life seems kind of short and (b) I have to fight over it with my other family members. :)
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My Samsung Galaxy Nook does fine with 8.5"x11" PDFs.
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there's this new crowdsourced

13.3 inch android e-reader that I'm eying very much, considering buying it. it's meant to be able to deal with A4 (or letter?) PDFs and other large e-books easily, and allow good annotations because it just depends on the app you can download from Play Store.

But if you mean other normal ereaders already on the market, the Sony T1 is pretty good for PDFs. i hear that the Sony t3 is decent with PDFs too - though I don't know how good it is with those with pictures? I read mainly epubs, OCR'd PDFS (converted to EPUBS sometimes) and direct 2 column pdfs (published articles) on it, though now i have to wonder how i'm supposed t o get the annotations off it...