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big gay fiction giveaway

Looking to discover great new voices in MM fiction? Then the Big Gay Fiction Giveaway is for you! A selection of the finest gay and bisexual historical fiction, literary fiction, new adult fiction, science fiction and fantasy, as well as traditional and paranormal romance, all free for a limited time. Enjoy full novels, short stories, and chapters.

Runs November 20-27.

Go to the site, click on the book you're interested in, and then that'll take you to another page that tells you if it's a full novel, short story, or preview. Then it takes an email address and Instafreebie sends you the file in DRM-free epub, mobi, or pdf. It does probably sign you up for all sorts of newsletters, but, hey, on the other hand, free books.
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Thanks for pointing this out!
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Thanks for the headsup!