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reading game PDFs

I was wondering what folks would recommend as a solution for reading tabletop RPG and other PDFs? I used to do this on a Kindle DX, but sometimes the graphics-heavy ones would cause it go slow, and then my DX broke, and I don't think they make new ones anymore so I don't trust them? I have a Kindle Paperwhite, but the screen size is a no-go because they typically make some full-sized (8.5"x11" or thereabouts). And ideally I'd like to be able to just load them from my desktop using a USB cable. I have an older iPad, but it doesn't have the USB thing and it's no good to me because my husband and daughter steal it to play games. XD Help?

[personal profile] shana 2017-08-09 01:36 pm (UTC)(link)
I'm using the 10" Kindle fire. Not ideal, but better than nothing. I also have a Kindle DX, but the Fire holds more stuff, so I've been using it less.
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I've been using an slightly older Android 8" tablet with an eBook reader on it. (Specifically, a Samsung GT-5110 "Note 8" that used to run stock firmware but has been reflashed for LineageOS) It's still new enough that performance is reasonable, but it's not the $600+ that something brand new would run. the downside for this tablet is two fold: a) the screen, while bright and crisp, is a real battery hog at full brightness; and b) the battery life on the poor thing was 'not good' even when it was new, and running it off an external battery pack is... not very productive.
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If my money wasn't as bad as it is currently, I'd be looking for a refurbished iPad 3 at the oldest, or possibly a low to mid- end android that has reasonable specs and/or has a low amount of shovelware on it.