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Kindle: issues w/ emailed .mobi files? SOLVED

Hi guys,

I've been unable to receive by e-mail any .mobi files (like AO3 ones) I've sent to my old Kindle (2nd generation, non-tactile one) since yesterday. I can read them fine if I transfer them via USB.
Support told me .mobi wasn't a format supported by email sending and conversion, which I know is not true since this is in the user guide and the error mails I get tells me the personal document service supports mobi books. Also I've been doing it for three years.

Edit: now they're telling me it can sometimes fail with this format and that it's not 'officially' supported... Never mind that it's always worked for me.

Edit2: seeing as I've able to send .mobi files from other websites this might be a weird AO3 issue.

Have you had or are you having this problem too? (and to clarify I'm not looking for alternative solutions)

Edit3: AO3 issue due to some changes Amazon made.
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To be honest, I've always had difficulties using that feature, so I don't even bother. It takes all of three minutes just to transfer it using USB, if that, so I just go with that.

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Yes! I've emailed myself mobi files from the AO3 for years but suddenly I no longer can. I spent a long time on the phone with Amazon, but they were no help. As you say, it's easy enough to side load them, but my gosh, it was so convenient just to email them. I've been thinking about contacting AO3 support, since Amazon was so unhelpful.
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I've always had sporadic issues, maybe one out of 15 or 20 would fail. When that happens I use Calibre to convert to RTF format and then it always goes through.

By the way, I haven't used the e-mail feature in forever. I switched to Send to Kindle when it was first announced, and I love it. Easiest thing in the world.

The .mobi file rejection rate is about the same with Send to Kindle vs e-mail. Either way, I just do a Calibre format conversion -- also incredibly quick and easy -- and it's handled.

Are other formats being rejected? Or just .mobi format?
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I always download from AO3 to my PC and then send the files to my Kindle (via Send to Kindle) from there. I want to have a backup copy of my own on my computer, so it works well for me.
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Oh, dear. That is troubling. Best of luck to you -- and to all of us.
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this has been happening to me too since yesterday. I've emailed thousands of AO3 files to my kindle before, but all of a sudden I'm getting emails saying it's a unsupported format even though mobi is right there in the list of acceptable ones. Maybe I'd an AO3 problem?
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This is just conjecture but maybe this problem is just now coming up because it was recently revealed that there is/was a security vulnerability when some files are sent to kindle that can compromise your account. (Although a 9/16/14 article on says the problem has been fixed, so I don't know...)
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I've always emailed mobi files to my kindle, so I really hope this doesn't happen to me. I"m going to go and grab something from AO3 now and see what happens.